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Café Sarks

At a time when Arabica whole bean coffee simply wasn't available to average consumers, the proprietor of a small Los Angeles grocery took an idea from the past and made a pioneering leap that led to quality coffee as we know it today. In the early 1970s, W.S. Sarkisian developed blends under the Sarks Gourmet Coffee brand, and began shipping the product directly from the roaster to grocery stores, without layovers in warehouses. Fresh, delicious and surprisingly affordable, Sarks revolutionized the coffee business.

Today a prime offering of Bay Area Coffee, Café Sarks uses only 100 percent Arabica coffee beans harvested in the world's finest growing regions. Carefully roasted to bring forth a balance of body and flavor, Café Sarks includes a complete line of coffees, from 100 percent Colombian to the Jamaican Me Crazy blend of Roaster's Reserve.

Hawaiian Blend Classic

The warm Pacific sun, rich volcanic soil, abundant mountain rain and cool trade winds off the Hawaiian Islands, combine to create the perfect micro-climate for growing great coffee. These Hawaiian coffees are blended with other Arabican mild coffees grown near the lush equator locations, throughout Central America, to produce a rich and full bodied coffee blend. The Hawaiian and Central American coffees are carefully roasted independently, to achieve each type’s peak aroma and taste profile. The beans are then blended after roasting to yield a unique balance of rich flavor and delightful aroma. It’s the art of hand batch roasting fine rare coffees in conjunction with blending after roast, that creates the signature of a quality coffee unmatched in today’s over promised gourmet coffee environment. Try it – you’ll not only like it, you’ll gain an appreciation for quality!

Hawaiian Blend Hazelnut

We have worked hard to find the perfect blend of coffees to bring our flavored Hawaiian. Why a blend of coffees? Simple, many coffees lend themselves to aroma while others enjoy taste as their primary strength. Our blend of Hawaiian and Central American coffees, both grown in rich volcanic soil under the warm tropical sun, offers the best of both attributes. When flavored the out come is hazelnut aroma and taste to form a truly unique coffee experience. The call for tropical pleasure awaits you in this sweet aromatic coffee. Combining the blended coffee with just the right amount of hazelnut flavoring delivers a cup that is amazingly flavorful but not overpowering. Absolutely our best math of flavor and taste are present in this batch roasted flavored product. Guaranteed to be consistent in bag to wonderful bag.
100% Pitalito Colombian Supremo

I n Colombia, a country where producing rich, full-bodied coffee is a well-known tradition, it takes a truly special coffee to stand out from the crowd. That’s exactly what this coffee does. Pitalito Colombian Supremo showcases one of Colombia’s finest coffee-growing microregions. Located on the east side of the Andes Mountains, the municipality of Pitalito has the perfect blend of soil, altitude, and weather for growing exceptional coffee beans. There we work with small, family-run farms, owned by the same families for generations. Their long-term love affair with the land makes these growers seasoned authorities on how to cultivate their crops by hand with care and respect. They grow the highest quality grade beans for us: Supremo beans. Large and filled with flavor, these beans become the seeds for Pitalito’s unique style of coffee perfection. Pitalito Supremo is Colombian coffee at its best – rushed fresh to you. Relish its rich, full taste, and savor its intense, enveloping aroma.

Bay Area Coffee and Boondock Bay Coffee

Bay Area Coffee and Boondock Bay Coffees are made with carefully selected beans from the world's most esteemed growing regions. Custom roasted to exacting standards that bring forth the unique characteristics of each bean, the roasted coffee is then packaged immediately to preserve flavor and freshness. Rushed to stores for sale under carefully monitored conditions, Bay Area Coffee and Boondock Bay are premium gourmet coffees that will delight any retailer's most discerning customers.


Latino Café

Bearing the Bay Area Coffee logo, this product line is positioned to hold appeal for the Hispanic demographic. Featuring roasts, blends and flavors that are proven Latin-American favorites, Latino Café is a line of coffee for the fastest-growing group of consumers in the nation.

Rio Grande Coffees

Named after the river that has long been a natural boundary where countries and cultures meet, Rio Grande coffees are a blend of beans from many countries and cultures, which combine to produce a high-quality and full flavored beverage. Rio Grande blends include a French Roast, which focuses on "new world" blend of equal parts of a Full City roast and Espresso Roasted beans; a rich dark and robust Italian Roast; a heavy bodied Espresso Roast that has a distinctive smoky taste; Colombian, Signature and Breakfast Blends, which has a lighter and more mellow taste. What's more, Bay Area Coffee also packs a rich and aromatic decaffeinated blend that is mild in flavor, as well as several flavored varieties.

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